• Alloy-X - Rechargeable Pen Light Alloy-X - Rechargeable Pen Light

    Alloy-X - Rechargeable Pen Light

    Princeton Tec
    Alloy-X offers dual-fuel rechargeable technology and a powerful 400 lumens all in a sleek and compact design. With its attached clip, the pen light can be secured to your pocket, belt, or pack for quick and easy access to light when camping, or countless...
  • APEX


    Princeton Tec
    The brightest headlamp in Princeton Tec's professional series, the Apex, has been a favorite of extreme outdoorsmen and cavers for years. The pinnacle of waterproof LED headlamp design, the Apex incorporates a single regulated Maxbright LED plus four...
  • Byte Headlamp

    Byte Headlamp

    Princeton Tec
    Don’t be fooled by its size! Smaller and lighter than the Axis, Remix, Sync and Refuel, the Byte has always packed a powerful punch in a compact package. The Byte now features a new LED which generates 200 lumens on high making this the brightest...
  • Fred - Headlamp

    Fred - Headlamp

    Princeton Tec
    Small, lightweight, feature rich and user friendly. The Fred offers 200 lumens of dimmable white light as well as a red LED to help preserve your night vision.  A single press of the Fred’s large easy to activate button turns on your red...
  • Helix Lantern

    Helix Lantern

    Princeton Tec
    Helix Backcountry is a compact, lightweight lantern which puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes – perfect for around camp or in your tent. Helix Backcountry has a “swipe” control surface that is free of buttons and gives...
  • Helix Lantern - Rechargeable

    Helix Lantern - Rechargeable

    Princeton Tec
    Whether the evening brings you to the back yard or the backcountry, the Helix Backcountry Rechargeable packs the goods. A micro-USB port powers up the rechargeable battery that allows this lightweight lantern to put out a bright beam that’s easy on...
  • Remix Headlamp

    Remix Headlamp

    Princeton Tec
    The Remix should be your go-to when runtime is crucial. The Remix features an astounding 43h runtime on High, by far the best in it’s class. For preserving night vision it also features a cluster of red LEDs for close at hand tasks. Equipped with...

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