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D-Step Permanent Tacky Mat (Blue, Size: 28" x 60")

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D-Step Mats can remove as much as 98+% of contaminants from the bottom of shoes and wheels of carts. This permanent high tack polymer mat removes contaminants through surface adhesion. Regular cleaning removes contaminants and regenerates the mat’s adhesiveness.

Place at the entrances/exits at shooting ranges, individuals shooting bays, locker rooms, vending areas, clean areas and clean rooms to prevent shoe and wheel borne contaminants from entering clean areas.

At firing ranges, D-Step Mats reduce the amount of lead being tracked off the firing line.

When the mat is dirty, it takes about 5 minutes to clean and regenerate the adhesive surface to make it look and perform like new.

Available in a 28″ x 60″ standard size.

D-Step Mat Instruction Sheet

D-Step Mat Information Sheet

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